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Welcome to Johnny's List - Post Cannabis Products Here!

How This Works

Welcome to Johnnyslist.org - An Agriculture Classifieds heading into the future of what our food and medicine will become. Here we can become a community, beyond what we ever imagined. We are growers, helping growers and when we come together we move mountains, travel seas and go to places others wont venture in search of life. Our focus Today; is Cannabis because EVERYBODY has forgotten its importance and the only way this planet moves forward in health and harmony is with good food and medicine.

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Very basic, register, login and place and ad. Be sure not to post any prohibited Items or items that are at risk to young adults who may abuse a substance.. WE ARE NOT A DRUG STORE and WE will delete any ad that contains a "prescribed substance" (AKA Pills, Codine, Valium, Viagra, ETC). Ads containing Cannabis products are allowed at this time as we spend days with a drove of lawyers to make sure we remail legal and still provide all the services YOU want.

We are GROWERS and find few if any places that support Agriculture as a whole. This site intends to focus on that lack of support and fill the need. Some websites focus upon limited items and allow members to abuse the reporting system to their advantage. This classified system is about agriculture and anything that does not pertain to; does not belong